April 24, 2019
  • 2:37 pm Survival Skills Of Native Americans That We Can Still Use Today & Many Of Us Do
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  • 3:11 pm 9 Mind-Blowing Ways Our Grandparents Recycled Stuff During The Great Depression
  • 4:55 pm How To Identify Venomous Snakes: Your Chances Of Being Bitten By A Snake Are Higher Than Your Chances Of Being Attacked By A Wolf, Bear, And Shark Combined!
  • 4:19 pm Urbanites Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It For The Locals

In the prepper community, we all have different ideas on how to get ready for “the big one.” We’ve learned to focus not so much on how and when it will take place, but on being ready to do what’s necessary to survive no matter what happens. The main question in our minds is, are we ready?

Every prepper has his or her own survival philosophy, and that’s okay. When SHTF, having people with different outlooks and talents can be tremendously helpful.

Prepper Mistakes to Avoid

But no matter what, there are things that every prepper should know not to do. Some of these mistakes are obvious, but others might come as a surprise. These survival pitfalls can be life-threatening, so it’s important to take the time now to learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Prepper Mistake #1: Focusing on One Potential Disaster

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips

It is acceptable to focus on and prepare for a volcanic eruption, nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or even a 10.0 magnitude earthquake, but do not forget the fact that prepping is about surviving any artificial or natural disaster. You cannot spend all of your limited resources on one endeavor. Over time, you will likely have to survive multiples of disasters. You must be prepared generally for all possibilities.

Prepper Mistake #2: Focusing on supplies instead of skills.

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Of course, just because you have all the best books on survival doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother to learn survival skills. It’s possible your books will be destroyed or you won’t be able to get to them. The same rule applies to your survival food and gear. What if you’re at work when your home is destroyed by an explosion, earthquake or some other disastrous event? Would you still have the skills to survive, or are you completely dependent on your food and gear?

Prepper Mistake #3: Poor Knowledge

“Be Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts, unfortunately most people who find themselves in a Wilderness Survival situation have very poor knowledge on how to survive and are usually totally unprepared.

Know the 5 keys to Wilderness Survival
1. Know how to build a shelter
2. Know how to signal for help
3. Know what to eat & how to find it
4. Know how to build and maintain a fire
5. Know how to find water and prepare safe water to drink.

Prepper Mistake #4: Poor route selection

Check out Prepper Mistakes to Avoid | Survival Tips at https://survivallife.com/prepper-mistakes-avoid/

Choosing a poor route, as you move through the wilderness is a recipe for disaster. Outdoorsmen of little experience or poor judgment will sometimes opt for a shorter route between two points, even if it poses greater risk than would be faced if a longer route were chosen.

Prepper Mistake #5: “If you’re lost for any length of time, you’ve got to find food immediately.”

That really isn’t true, and you can actually survive for weeks and weeks without it. Your priorities should be finding shelter and water, especially since in most places you’ll be dead in three days without water. Eating food will also dehydrate you faster, so focus on getting water before food.

Prepper Mistake #6: Building an arsenal

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I see this all the time. Many new survivalists spend thousands on weapons and related gear, yet have only a two-week supply food and no water filter. This is stupid. I love guns and gear as much as the next person – but I know food and water are more important to my survival. Sure; we need weapons to protect what we’ve put away, just don’t neglect the other stuff.

Prepper Mistake #7: Look after No:1 – That means YOU

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Your own health and well being are essential for you to look after others. Put yourself at the top of the list of important things! If you can’t function with all your prepping skills and knowledge then how will anyone else.?
Remember the simple things – if you wear glasses then ensure you have several spare pairs available.

If you need any form of medication to help you keep going each day, then ensure you have lots. I would say at least six months supply of essential medication is your bare minimum.

Prepper Mistake #8: Preparing for a specific date

Similar to people who planned for Y2K, there were those who feared the Mayan Calendar ending at the end of 2012. They did the same thing when nothing happened and the world kept on spinning. The danger of prepping for a specific threat that is date-based is believing that nothing else in the world could happen to you. Natural disasters in the form of wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms happen every year and any supplies you store should keep you alive regardless of the disaster. Don’t believe that if the world doesn’t end, you will never see any disruption causing event in your life.

Prepper Mistake #9: Getting too comfortable

I should again raise my hand on this one. We all do it. It is too easy not to in today’s society. Everything around us screams comfort, and that’s what we all want, isn’t it? I wrote an article about how the money we have in banks could put a major kink in our lives because we depend on them. Even though it isn’t easy, you have to break away from the comfort. You have to get up and go to work every day, and then come home every day, and work just as hard at making sure your garden is growing, and that your rain water collection system is working.

Prepper Mistake #10: Forgetting that there is a life beyond prepping

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Of all of the prepper mistakes, this is perhaps the most difficult to overcome.
For many, the call of prepare becomes a full-time avocation. Living and breathing preparedness becomes the norm, disrupting work and family activities as well as the personal quiet time we all need to recharge our internal batteries. Sleep becomes elusive as you fret about being ready. You live in a perpetual state of stress.

Prepper Mistake #11: Most Importantly, Don’t Panic

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Sure, easier said than done, especially when you find yourself in a life or death situation, but heightened stress drains vital energy and only hurts rather than helps. Calm yourself down, stop what you’re doing, take some deep breaths, and assess the scenario.

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