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It’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in the world. You don’t have to be a news junkie, but you should at least keep an eye on the headlines. Consider it an early warning system.

When a tornado or hurricane is headed your way, you have the weatherman to rely on. But when it’s something like an economic collapse, you can’t expect your local news station to give you a heads up. You have to watch for the warning signs yourself.

Below you’ll find 12 warning signs that a major event is near. When you see these stories being reported or notice these things happening where you live, it means you only have a little time left to make sure you’re prepared to live in a world torn apart by war and/or .

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1. Large-Scale Blackouts

These will start happening on accident and on purpose. This could be a ploy to control resources (and ultimately, the population) or it could be from lack of funds to properly maintain the power grid. There might not be enough money to pay workers or repair power lines.

Without power, stores won’t be able to operate, which means jobs will be limited or lost and everyone’s security will be at risk.

2. Local Businesses Closing

When you’re out and about, you start noticing more and more going-out-of-business sales, closed-for-business signs, plywood covering store windows, etc. During recessions, small businesses usually suffer first because they can’t compete with the low prices offered by larger businesses.

If it’s just a recession, then eventually new local businesses will replace the old ones. But if a collapse is near, it will keep getting worse and worse until the only stores left are large corporate chains and franchises.

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3. Martial Law Declared

Not just in one or two cities. When that happens, it’s usually temporary. What you need to watch for is martial law that encompasses huge, sprawling metropolitan areas or entire sections of the United States. If that happens, it’s a sign that things are about to get ugly. Police are already being armed like the military, and they frequently run drills to prepare for this very scenario.

4. Grocery Stores Are Dangerous

If an economic collapse is near, you’ll notice store shelves aren’t as well stocked as usual. This is a sign you want to pay attention to, as it’s a clear indicator that there’s a supply problem that might get worse. If it gets to where a trip to the grocery store means defending yourself from bodily harm as people fight over what’s left, it’s time to put your disaster plan in motion.

When food is scarce, it won’t be long before the shit hits the fan and things get crazy. Basic staples will be wiped it in a matter of days once people realize what’s happening.

5. The Richest People Are Hiding Out

You won’t see their faces on the news telling you everything is okay; they won’t even bother telling you that everything is going to hell. Since they know what’s happening, they’ve already jumped shipped by taking their money out of the stock market, investing in precious metals, and leaving the country.

If you notice lots of rich and powerful people doing this, it’s a very bad sign.

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6. Travel Restrictions Put In Place

You might want to bug out to another country that isn’t in such turmoil, but at some point, it will be too late because of travel restrictions. They may get worse and worse, limiting people to their own states or even their own counties.

During a crisis, the government will do whatever it can to limit people’s ability to move about. Don’t expect to have the same rights you used to have.

7. Regular Rioting Against The Government

People will riot over food shortages, gas shortages, electricity restrictions, water rationing, and so forth. Riots will put your home and your life at risk if you’re in the path of rioters. The more this happens, the more likely that a collapse is near.

8. Medicine Is In Short Supply

You might not be able to pick up your prescriptions or even standard OTC medications from the pharmacy. If an economic collapse is approaching, manufacturing will be slow and big businesses will be less willing to sell their goods on credit.

Medicine will only be given to those who have the means to barter for it. In the first week of a collapse, pharmacies will be looted and pharmaceutical drugs will be a hot commodity on the black market.

9. Bank Holidays Are Frequent

In fact, banks will likely be closing their doors left and right. They won’t have the funds necessary to pay their tellers when accounts with the bank are drying up and loans are defaulting at a rapid pace.

The banks don’t want you trying to take your money (which they won’t have) and will opt for holidays so they can keep whatever they have left until the crisis passes.

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10. Credit And Debit Cards Don’t Always Work

When banks are broke, so are you. Every dollar that is circulated is borrowed against at least 10 times. When one company or mortgage holder defaults, the trickle-down effect is quite substantial.

The dollar you had in your account isn’t there, which means your debit card won’t work. Banks will limit or close credit lines altogether as they attempt to salvage their businesses.

11. Police Confiscating Guns

This is never a good sign. If this happens, they know things are about to get really bad and want to be the ones holding all the firepower when the shit hits the fan. There could be an order to hand over all weapons and ammo with the threat of imprisonment if you refuse.

12. Government Agents Confiscating Resources

A law that allows them to do this was signed a few years back. If the government decides they want what you have, they can come and take it–including your home and land. Be wary of talking about what preps you have and do whatever you can to keep your emergency supplies carefully hidden.

Not every warning sign will be obvious, so keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to what’s happening. Our system is more fragile than ever, and an economic collapse today would rival the Great Depression. And unlike that horrible time, this time the rebound won’t happen as quickly, if at all.

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