May 20, 2019
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There is nothing all too fun about envisioning a legitimate SHTF scenario. There is a great deal to take into account, and the decisions that must be made are of the utmost importance. That said, one of the most important decisions that must be made is how you choose to interact with others around your vicinity in a worst-case scenario. People come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities. While a solid teammate is an invaluable resource, the wrong kind of person in your world can cost you everything. But how do you identify who could prove to be a liability in an unforeseen future? What telltale personality traits are toxic enough to poison a solid team? Believe it or not, there are a few red-flag signs you can learn to spot right off the bat. Here are three.

Wannabe Warfighters

The old quote from General Sherman that reads “war is hell,” is truth. Warfare, combat, and the taking of life is nothing to be to be eager for. Yet, for whatever reason, there seems to be a portion of the population that romanticizes war. These are the kind of folks who often lead rather unfulfilled lives and look at a TEOTWAWKI or WWOROL as some sort of glorious be-all and end-all for their SHTF-antasy. Whether it’s because they have never truly been tested, or because they watch too many episodes of The Walking Dead, these folks can’t wait to get their war on. Consequently, they are not who you want on your team when SHTF because they are essentially loose cannons. Sure, they may have their kit squared away, and they certainly are the prepared type, however their intentions are not solely about survival. They are looking to prove something, and a true worst-case scenario is no time to be working through those kinds of issues. Be on the lookout for these wannabe warfighters, and steer clear of them.

Tactical Braggarts

You know that guy who is always talking about the new gear he has, the new tactics he learned, the amount of food he has stashed away or actually talks to you about where his survival caches are? This guy is a screaming liability. Bragging about how prepared you are does two things, firstly it makes you seem far too self-assured, and secondly it makes you an easy target for anyone actually listening. While some tactical braggarts are totally full of hot-air, the ones who actually do have their stuff squared away and are reckless enough to talk about it to anyone, all the time, are reckless. Tactical braggarts do not value their own safety and security, and they will not value you and yours.


While those of us in the prepping and survival world pride ourselves on being self-reliant, the majority of folks out there do not. Most people are consumers, partly through no fault of their own and partly by choice. But the fact remains that consumers take up resources and do not usually have many skillsets. While they may have a specialized skillset, chances are that it may not be applicable in a SHTF scenario. While there is nothing wrong with helping those in need, from time to time, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with sharing resources when it is reasonable, toxic consumers are takers. Not only will they slow you down, they will deplete resources without giving back, and likely make you feel bad should you elect to stop helping them out.

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