December 19, 2018
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You know what they say about the best laid plans? It’s not uncommon that this also can pertain to preparedness. There are tons of great ideas across the internet that sound good if they remain on the internet. The problem is, when people decide to stake their lives on these ideas. One of the big problems is we only see tactical operations and survival scenarios in movies. If you haven’t had real military combat experience it’s hard to understand what you could be up against.

Many preppers feel as though they have nailed down the best possible plan or set of plans to handle any scenario. The problem is the scenario! We have no idea how things will play out. What the stresses on resources will be or how the environment around us will be affected. We can plan for many things but nothing is a guarantee.

I want to look at some of the ideas floating out there in the prepper world and hopefully I can discourage these heinous acts as they could very well get someone killed.


The bugout is a legitimate tool to have in the prepper arsenal. There could be several situations in which the bugout would prove to be your best option. I will say you should understand just how good you have it in your own home before leaving it. If you have an alternate shelter or home to bugout to this changes things as well.

However, if your game plan is to set up camp in the woods and live off the land I think many preppers will be in for a rude awakening. There is literally nothing easy when it comes to long term life in the woods. Food, water, shelter, fire none of this comes easy after months in the woods.

There are also several threats you will face in these woods. The worst of those being the air around you. Hypothermia can kill you on a 70-degree night. The elements are another massive issue. Wind can bring down trees on a camp and powerful storms could just as easily blow your camp away.

The wilderness is tons of fun particularly when you can leave it behind and retire to a couch. Between drinking contaminated water, starving or death by mother nature bugging out to the woods, as a long-term solution, offers many ways for the prepper to die.


There is no arguing the fact that fresh vegetables and growing food should be a piece of your food storage plan. There is nothing like a bountiful garden with leafy greens ready to be picked. It gets crazy when people decide that their survival garden will be all the food they need. It doesn’t take much for this plan to go up in smoke.

Gardens will be “looted” in desperate times. Or you may end up with nothing to harvest in a drought. Not to mention if you are part of a nuclear disaster or attack the food in your garden will now kill you!

Those examples may seem a little off color so I will give you another. Last year my community experienced a near tornadic thunderstorm. This storm devastated my whole garden. It looked as though God dropped a blender on the trees, shrubs and gardens all over. There were pieces of foliage everywhere.

Had I been dependent on that garden as my only food source my family would have starved.


Another terrifying plan for many preppers is to retire to a small bunker for months at a time if something awful were to collapse the society above. I don’t know that being killed in my own home by strangers would be worse than killing my entire family in a bunker underneath a ravaged world.

Building a bunker is very expensive. But only a handful of preppers can afford a $70k underground bunker. Besides the price there are a lot of other factors you’ll need to consider. A number of different permits are required for digging and building your own underground shelter.


One of the worst examples of these devious strategies that will get preppers killed is the idea that a lack of fitness can be canceled out by firearms. I have had several arguments with people who believe that sitting behind a loaded firearm will solve all their problems. The idea that all scenarios add up to an enemy looking down the barrel of your gun and you pulling the trigger first is insanity. This is will likely not happen. What if you are facing two-armed people at once? What if you cannot carry a rifle more than 100 yards without passing out?


I saved this one for last because it is a culmination of many of the things we talked about above. The long-distance bugout is quite possibly the most perilous undertaking of all. It is highly presumptuous and extremely dangerous. When the conditions are unknown outside of the home the idea that traveling 10’s of miles and often overnighting in unknown territories is terribly foolish.

Spanning such a distance opens your family up to far too many threats. If your bugout location is a great distance from your home at least include bicycles or some more efficient mode of transportation. Between the desperate, the elements and the unknown I feel that nothing awaits a family on a long-distance bugout but pain and suffering.


What’s the ultimate answer? Discomfort. Survival of the fittest is real! Though, it may not mean what you think it means. The fittest isn’t always the most dominant alpha male. It all comes down to adaptation. Who can adept, create and overcome? That should be your number one survival goal.

The way to best achieve this goal of adaptation is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and try new things. They don’t have to be related to survival or prepping at all. It’s just like a bicep curl, if your body gets used to the fact that you curl heavy weights three days a week it will react to that and you will get stronger. If your body gets used to you being in situations where you must adapt under pressure than it will get stronger at that as well. Remember it’s all about adaptation.

What are your thoughts on these strategies that will get preppers killed? Do you have any others in mind?

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