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Given the amount of time we spend in our vehicles each day, it’s inevitable that we will find ourselves stranded in one at some point.

For preppers, this isn’t usually a big deal. Most of us have a bug out bag in the trunk and a have practiced survival skills in various environments.

On the other hand, some may not have a bug out bag or may be traveling in a less prepared friend’s vehicle, and even in our own vehicle, it always helps to use every advantage we can find, so here is a list of survival resources you can find in or on your vehicle.


Starting a fire becomes infinitely easier with a dribble of gasoline.

Motor oil

This can also be used to aid in starting a fire, but it’s even more useful in signaling for help. Add a quart or two of motor oil to a fire and you’ll send a plume of thick black smoke into the air.


There are plenty of mirrors on vehicles and they make excellent signaling devices. They can also be broken up and used in fishing lures.


If you have a sturdy knife, you can cut the tires to build improvised shoes. You can also toss them on your fire to signal for help. They will burn for 15 minutes or more, creating a thick column of black smoke that is visible for miles.

Seat belts

Scavenge seat belts to improvise pack straps or even tie several together to make a climbing rope. Individual threads can be unraveled for fishing or snare line.

Padding from seats

Sleeping on the ground sucks, so pull padding from the seats to create a makeshift sleeping mat. You can also stuff it into your clothes for added insulation in cold weather.


You don’t want to lug it around, but if you choose to camp near your vehicle, the spark produced by contact between the battery cables can be used to start a fire.


This one is hit or miss since many modern vehicles do not have an external antenna, but if yours does, it can be broken off and fashioned into a spear for fishing.


The engine compartment and dashboard are filled with wires of all sizes. Thicker solid wire can be fashioned into fishhooks, while thinner wire can be used for snares.


After thoroughly rinsed out, the hoses found in the engine compartment can be used to siphon water out of crevices or holes.


Fan belts are surprisingly strong and can used to lash gear down.

Windshield washer reservoir

This needs to be washed thoroughly, but it can then be used to carry water.

Jack handle

Almost every vehicle has a jack, and if you’re lucky, yours will have a removable handle. This can make a handy weapon against both two and four-legged predators.


From brake and headlights, to the interior parts, you’ll find plenty of plastic in a variety of colors, which can be broken up and used to make fishing lures and arrow/spear heads.

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